A beginner’s guide to Tamil Nadu Cuisine

Tamil Nadu Cusine comprises of pre-dominantly rice-based dishes. Locally available grains, lentils, vegetables and variety of aromatic spices add flavor, taste and aroma to the recipes of the land . The food pattern of the Tamil Nadu is segmented as Tiffin/Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The Break Fast includes Steamed Idlies, Rice Pan Cakes, Vada [lintel batter dough], Pongal, Semolina Upma with Sambar, varieties of Chutneys and Chilli Powder as popular side dishes.

The lunch preferably spread on Long Banana Leaf with Steamed Rice, additives such as Sambar [with Vegetables], Rasam [Soup like] along with different vegetable dishes. The Non Vegetarian delicacies include Gravy or Dry dishes of either or all of Chicken, Mutton and Fish to choose from. The Meal is not complete without crispy Papad and varieties of Pickles.

Madurai, Tirunelveli, and other Southern Districts are popular destinations for Tasty and mouth watering non-vegetarian food varities of Mutton, Chicken and Fist with Parota [bread like item made out of maida].

Madurai is famous for its Jigirthanda, Muttai parotta, Paruthipal [cotton seeds Milk], Kari Dosai [Dosa with mutton stuffing]. Appam served with Coconut Milk / mutton Paya and Veg/Non-Veg Kothu Parotta. This combination is available in many parts of Tamil Nadu.

Sandhakai/Sandhavai, commonly called as Nool Puttu, Sevai or Idiappam are the specialty of the Kongu Nadu. Kongu Nadu List also includes Ulundu Kali [ Black Gram – Jaggery Sweet], Kachayam [type of sweet], Vazhaipoo Poriyal, Kambu Paniyaram, Kadalai Urundai, Ellu Urundai, Pori Urundai made out of ingredients of this land itself.

Exploring different culinary taste and use of food or items from other states or countries has crept into the State’s food culture. Eating out and dining in Specialty Restaurants has become the trend of the day.

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